Saturday, March 21, 2009

Freecell Solver 2.18.0 Was Released

As previously announced on the fc-solve-discuss mailing list, version 2.18.0 of Freecell Solver is now available for download as a source tarball from the download page.

Here are some highlights of the new release:

  1. Added the FCS_FREECELL_ONLY compile-time flag to hard-code the settings for Freecell and thus allow a faster run-time. When applied, it improves the speed of the solver from 140 deals / second to 164 deals / second.
  2. Fixed using libredblack for states and stacks storage, and also added a libJudy-based backend for them.
  3. Added the -Wall (= turn "all" warnings on) by default for gcc in the CMake build.
  4. Updated the "TODO" file in the distribution which was heavily out-of-date.
  5. Documented the "What's new" of some previous releases in the "NEWS" file.
  6. Got rid of the Hard-DFS scan, which was no longer useful. It is still accepted as an argument, but is now using the Soft-DFS routines instead.
  7. Many internal refactorings, cleanups, tweaks and fine-tunings.

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