Thursday, July 23, 2009

Screencast of Freecell Solver in Action

Yesterday, I spent some time on preparing a screencast of PySolFC auto-solving a deal of Freecell using Freecell Solver . Here's an embedded player:

I remember the first time I saw KDE's KPatience automatically solving a deal of Freecell, while using Freecell Solver as its back-end. Seeing the cards move on their own was very cool, and brought me a lot of joy. Now that PySolFC has built-in support for Freecell Solver, I was able to use it to prepare the screencast. I hope you'll enjoy seeing this screencast, and would be interested in trying out PySolFC and Freecell Solver.

I'm going to blog about how I prepared the screencast on my tech blog, which may prove instructive to other people wanting to prepare screencasts on Linux. This was the first video I ever prepared and producing it proved to be a pleasant experience, even though some tasks did not work right away.


  1. Replying to my own post, I'd like to give some credit where it is due. Copying from the YouTube description:

    Screencast of PySolFC ( ) solving a deal of Freecell ( , ) using Freecell Solver ( ). The music in the background is the track "Function 5" from the album Lifeforce by Adam Singer ( ) - available under either CC-by or CC-by-nc.

    Other software and material used:

    * Mandriva Linux Cooker
    * KDE 4.3.x beta/RC.
    * recordmydesktop ( )
    * avidemux ( )
    * as the desktop background.

    Hope you enjoy this screencast and try out PySolFC and Freecell Solver.

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